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The Carleton and Container Store on Google Maps

Does Google know about our wedding?

blogGoogle’s vast knowledgebase has expanded into customizing my map search results to include our wedding! I was looking for Container Store locations on Google Maps; Google put our reception/hotel on the map of results. Does Google know that I’m looking up Container Store locations for gift boxes for the wedding?Google is like, “hey, looking for […]

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La Maison de BonBon chocolate truffles

Sneak preview of table favors

blogAt every place setting will be a box of chocolates from the local gourmet chocolate shop, La Maison de BonBon. Just one and a half miles from Sarah’s condo is a tiny little shoppe that sells all sorts of truffles. Sarah and I had great pleasure selecting the various flavors of chocolates. The owner of La […]

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Check out all the stacks of paper behind me!

Trimming wedding rehearsal invites

blogSarah came over to the Tribune Tower Friday night to help me trim the wedding rehearsal invites. In total there are seven different pieces that make up the wedding rehearsal invites:Front photoInside top textInside bottom textGold paper (fancy!)MapEnvelopePocket inside envelopeHere are some photos of the invites being trimmed.All the paper, untrimmed. (except for the envelope)Matt […]

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8 specs to include in a wedding invite estimate

Getting organized to send a pricing estimate (Wedding invite tips: Part 2)

With so many materials in a wedding invite, getting a quote can become quite complicated. If you are doing anything like a traditional wedding invite, you’ll have things like: Various cards: reception card, accommodations card, RSVP card, main announcement card Folder: gotta hold all these cards together Envelopes: RSVP envelope, outer envelope, inner envelope Optional […]

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Our wedding invite paper from

29 pounds of love

29 pounds of loveA large heavy box arrives at my work desk. What could possibly have such weight? Why, the paper for announcing our wedding, of course! Despite our smaller-ish venue (and hence smaller-ish guest list), the paper for our invites comes in at a total of 29 pounds.29 pounds. In our age of digital […]

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Chrysanthemum, hydrangea, lisianthus, rose, spray rose, aster, succulents, calla lily, iris, lavender, alstroemeria, monkshood, veronica. All picks for our wedding. Discover more at

Spring, Flowers, and Symbolism

flowersSpring has sprung! This season sometimes gets overlooked in Chicago. Yet I have declared it my favorite season since I was a young girl. Spring means: I-spy the first tulip bud, wake up to white blossoms on trees, and breathe in fragrant lilac bushes. The color and new life announces the start of flower season. […]

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We are wearing green under our jackets!

Green Line, green river, green shirts, non-green art

In our semi-annual tradition, Sarah and I headed downtown to see the green Chicago River. Fittingly, we rode the Green Line downtown from Oak Park while wearing green shirts. In a break from Irish traditions, Sarah brought her Paris book given to her from Erik and Andrea last Christmas. We both read the book together on the […]

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Wedding invite in coding program, TextWrangler

Starting the wedding invites

Paper Source got a visit today from Sarah and I as we begin to research the look we want for our wedding invites. We really enjoy the classic vintage look. After looking through five or six huge binder volumes, we had enough wedding designs in our head to carry us forward to the next step: […]

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Cover of Valentine's day card, 2015

Sketching for a Valentine’s day card

blog postWhen thinking of what to do for Sarah’s Valentine’s day card, I had lots of sketches and illustrations from developing our Save the Date card. This card is a collection one series I explored illustrating a photo of us in the Chicago Cultural Center. Our wedding photographers, Gina & Tony, took an awesome photo […]

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La Maison De Bonbon chocolates

A chocolate adventure

blog post This Valentine’s day Sarah gave me three clues via a poem that brought us on a little adventure with a sweet ending.Clue #1Says he: Curious… why the secret? Wondering where we’ll go?Says she: A little mystery never hurt…But–a hint–for us, this place is approposClue #2For this little date, You may need Google translate.Clue #3Let’s […]

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A butterfly lands on Sarah's hand at the Peggy Notebart Nature Museum in Lincoln Park, July 15, 2012

Happiness: Found

textA life-long lover of words, symbolism, and poetry, I became captivated with the concept of found poems about seven years ago when developing a class assignment. However, I grew to appreciate these poetic collages even more when trying to write myself. Crafting these poems is a linguistic jigsaw. I love finding scraps of language (quotes, […]

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Writing love in the snow

Snow declarations

Impromptu billboards were created on Michigan Avenue late Wednesday night. The sidewalks were completely cleared of snow, because a great majority of the snow was piled on top of the large sidewalk planters. These huge mountains of snow provided people with the opportunity to express themselves.The contrast of the white snow against the midnight sky […]

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