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Engagement photos


After looking through many many photographer portfolios online, and meeting several photography companies in person, Sarah and I decided to use Gina & Tony photography for many reasons: 1) We heard about Gina & Tony from Sarah's sister, as they did the maternity photos of Michele and baby photos of Luke. 2) We found their work to be the best we've seen online. Check out their work at 3) They are local right next door in Forest Park. 4) They are totally fun. 

Below is a selection of the photos from our engagement shoot on October 19, 2014. (All photos ©2014

Chicago Cultural Center


Chicago Cultural Center


Cultural Center text

We visited the Chicago Cultural Center on our third date; and closed out the galleries as the security guards had to kick us out. Tony and Gina came up with some great compositions in this beautiful Chicago landmark. 

Cultural Center photos

photo-gnt-20141019_162107 photo-gnt-20141019_162043 photo-gnt-20141019_161756 photo-gnt-20141019_161044 photo-gnt-20141019_155736 photo-gnt-20141019_155001

Randolph/Wabash CTA station


Randolph/Wabash CTA station


Randolph/Wabash text

The Randolph/Wabash station is the Loop train station that I take to go home every night. It also happens to be the same train station I use to go to Sarah's! We love taking CTA whenever possible to frequent some of our favorite spots in The Loop. So, this stop, which merges our two lines-- the Green and Brown-- together makes for some fun urban photos. 

Randolph/Wabash photos

photo-gnt-20141019_163704 photo-gnt-20141019_163829


Chicago Riverwalk


Chicago Riverwalk


Chicago Riverwalk text

Sarah and I greatly enjoy the Chicago Riverwalk, so it only made sense for us to take a stroll down this way. We didn't plan it, but the colors of our outfits nicely matched the sandstone colors of the Riverwalk's landscape architecture. Tony & Gina did a great job pulling those colors out in their photos. Plus, the walls made for a great surface for us to start folding some of our origami butterflies. 

Chicago Riverwalk photos

photo-gnt-20141019_164910 photo-gnt-20141019_165135 photo-gnt-20141019_165157 photo-gnt-20141019_165445 photo-gnt-20141019_165510 photo-gnt-20141019_165753 photo-gnt-20141019_165833 photo-gnt-20141019_170320 photo-gnt-20141019_170449


Wrigley Building Plaza


Wrigley Building Plaza


Wrigley Building Plaza text

We crossed the river to the Wrigley Building where we placed a couple more origami butterflies. Notice that the third photo is the one that inspired our Save the Date card! 

Wrigley Building Plaza photos

photo-gnt-20141019_171212 photo-gnt-20141019_171334 photo-gnt-20141019_171410 photo-gnt-20141019_171554 photo-gnt-20141019_172255 

Pioneer Court


Pioneer Court


Pioneer Court text

Just outside Tribune Tower, my workplace of 14+ years, is Pioneer Court. I often like to take lunches out on this plaza. Tony & Gina did some really great framing using the surrounding gardens.  

Pioneer Court photos

photo-gnt-20141019_173317 photo-gnt-20141019_173343 photo-gnt-20141019_173837 photo-gnt-20141019_174131 


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  1. Matt Maldre January 27, 2015 at 10:33 am #

    A huge thanks to Gina & Tony for their wonderful photography. We highly recommend them, check out their site, 🙂

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