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29 pounds of love

29 pounds of love

twenty-nine pounds of paperA large heavy box arrives at my work desk. What could possibly have such weight? Why, the paper for announcing our wedding, of course! Despite our smaller-ish venue (and hence smaller-ish guest list), the paper for our invites comes in at a total of 29 pounds.

29 pounds. In our age of digital communications, where everything is immediate and light, having something with a sheer physical mass to communicate is refreshing. Something that takes time to both produce and mail.

Inside the box, the assortment of cardstock, paperstock, and envelopes were so nicely organized. We ordered our paper from, a great source for an amazing variety of paper.

Our wedding invite paper

In fact, even before I ordered our 29 pounds of paper, sent me a sample block of all their standard papers. With over 80 different shades, their selection of paper blows Paper Source out of the water.

Over the course of this week, I'll be sharing my experiences and tips with how to work with as your wedding invite vendor. There are things that is great at, and some things that are a bit tricky. It'll be a fun five-part series with one post every day.

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