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Cards and Pockets has a great selection of paper (Wedding invite tips: Part 1)

Cards & Pockets 2014 standard paper packPaper Source may have a nice selection of paper, but's spectrum of color options blows Paper Source off the rainbow. Does Paper Source offer a swatch deck of all their paper? Answer: no. But Cards and Pockets does! Get over 80 different colors of paper. Metallics galore, wood grain texture, many mattes are overflowing in this swatch deck. The complete selection of paper from Cards and Pockets includes:
  • 51 Metallics (32 metallics in standar pack)
  • 20 reds (14 in standard pack)
  • 17 yellows (13 in standard pack)
  • 19 greens (14 in standard pack)
  • 20 blues (12 in standard pack)
  • 13 purples (11 in standard pack)
  • 14 blacks (6 in standard pack)
  • 18 whites (6 in standard pack)
  • 13 browns (9 in standard pack)
A total of 134 colors are carried by Cards & Pockets. Compare that to Paper Source's selection of 43 colors. Getting your hands on the actual paper and having them in your possession really makes a difference. No longer do you have to stand in the store trying to make all your design decisions. Keep your swatch deck at home and let your mind be at ease while you make your paper choices. shades of color from Cards and PocketsComparing shades of color is really convienent as the sizes of these cards make it easy to flip through the deck and pull out cards. When this swatch deck first hit my hands, I was a little disappointed they weren't bolted together to keep the cards together and allow me to fan out the deck. But being able to pull out your selections of paper is very very helpful. Identifying each swatch is a breeze as Cards and Pockets has a consistent design style on each card identifying the name of the paper. I can't tell you how many times I have bought paper from Paper Source only to forget the name of the paper later on, and then having to do the work of trying to re-identify the paper. If you want a super wide selection of paper, ignore Paper Source. Cards and Pockets is your source.
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