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How to say honeymoon in Japanese


When Sarah and I are in France for our honeymoon, it would be exciting to say in French, "Here is my beautiful wife. We are newlyweds on our honeymoon!"

While Sarah can speak French, I cannot. For my French translations, I always head over to Google Translate, much to Sarah's amusement. Being a former French language teacher, she likes to remind me that Google Translate always butchers translations. And in this case, that especially holds true.

Google translates "honeymoon" into "moon of honey" (lune de miel). There is no French word for honeymoon. Being curious how honeymoon is translated in other languages, we clicked around the various languages in Google Translate.

  • Estonian: mesinädalad
  • German: Flitterwochen
  • Somali: toddobobax
  • Thai: ดื่มน้ำผึ้งพระจันทร์
  • Greek: μήνας του μέλιτος

Our favorite is Japanese. "Honeymoon" in Japanese is "Shinkon ryokō"

"honeymoon" in Japanese: shinkon ryoko

YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED TO LISTEN HOW THE GOOGLE VOICE SAYS THIS PHRASE. It's awesome hitting the speaker icon and having the Google Woman speak it. The way she says ryoko is like she just climbed Mount Everest. Shinkon RYOKŌŌŌŌŌŌŌŌŌŌŌ! Like you would thrust your hand up in the air as you say it.

I jokingly suggested to Sarah that after our time in Paris, instead of flying back to the States, we should fly to Japan. Just so we can sit in a Japanese restaurant and say that we are on our Shinkon ryokō in a restaurant. +thrusts hand into the air+

One Response to How to say honeymoon in Japanese

  1. Matt Maldre February 2, 2015 at 11:36 am #

    The amount of language options Google Translates provides is incredible!
    Afrikaans: honeymoon
    Albanian: muaj mjalti
    Arabic: شهر العسل
    Azerbaijani: bal ayı
    Basque: eztei
    Belarusian: мядовы месяц
    Bosnian: medeni mjesec
    Bulgarian: меден месец
    Catalan: lluna de mel
    Cebuano: honeymoon
    Chichewa: kokasangalala
    Chinese: 度蜜月
    Croatian: medeni mjesec
    Czech: líbánky

    Do you have a favorite translation of honeymoon?

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