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Sketching for a Valentine’s day card

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0010-smallWhen thinking of what to do for Sarah's Valentine's day card, I had lots of sketches and illustrations from developing our Save the Date card. This card is a collection one series I explored illustrating a photo of us in the Chicago Cultural Center. Our wedding photographers, Gina & Tony, took an awesome photo us us in front of an arched window just outside the Tiffany Dome.

The look on Sarah's face is wonderful. I used this as the basis to do some art deco sketching.

This pencil sketch became a nice cover for the Valentine's day card. Cover of Valentine's day card, 2015

The inside of the card reveals the inspiration for the sketch. Inside of Valentine's day card, 2015

The back of the card shows an illustration I made in Indesign... Honestly the illustration didn't quite turn out that great. Perhaps it could have used more shading--or something. You'll also notice that I was trying a different font for the Save the Date. I much prefer the font we ended up using. Back of Valentine's day card, 2015

Custom-printed envelopes are one of my calling cards when making cards. They are nice extra touch, and while making them I'm often reminded of how perhaps I could have been a package designer. I simply love making an entire package that goes together. For this card, the sketch blown up bigger made a great visual--especially with having Sarah's face at the center with her cute smile. Envelope for Valentine's day card, 2015

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  1. Matt Maldre February 18, 2015 at 2:05 am #

    Read about Sarah’s mystery poem she wrote for me:

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